About BCP

Ben Childers Photography, LLC. is an ever-evolving media company that strives to deliver the highest quality content for our clients. What started out as a small venture to provide aerial images for people has transformed into a busy, competitive business partnering with clients around the world. However, the friendly, small-town service that defined the genesis of the company still serves as the cornerstone of our operations: at BCP, client satisfaction always comes first.


Ben began producing aerial pictures and videos for fun. Within a few months, these videos had already amassed over 1,000,000 views. Gradually, the locations featured and skills utilized both began to diversify, attracting the attention of clients.


Ben Childers Photography, LLC. was formed. In our first year, we completed over 100 projects, partnering with 80 different clients. BCP Stock projects spanned 4 states and 2 countries, motivating our expansion into stock footage.


With hundreds of projects completed, satisfying over 200 clients, we're preparing for rapid expansion. Through the addition of new team members, BCP will begin serving more clients in new areas (both geographically and in services offered).


FAA Part 107 Licensed

In compliance with federal law for commercial drone usage, drone operators at Ben Childers Photography, LLC. hold an FAA Remote Pilot license
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Ben Childers Photography, LLC. is insured for $2 million, allowing you to be assured that our operations are conducted with complete coverage
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Our Team

Ben Childers
Ben ChildersOwner
When I'm not working on a project, you can find me hiking, traveling, or studying at the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Andrew Kennedy
Andrew KennedyEditor
Andrew loves everything media. From shooting to post production, he turns any creative vision into stunning content.

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