Did you know that hiring an unlicensed drone operator is against the law?

Any use of a drone for commercial purposes – whether or not money is exchanged, or if an operator is flying for their own business – requires the operator to possess an FAA Part 107 license. If an operator is caught flying commercially without a license, he or she can be given a fine of $1,100 per violation.

However, the legal liability does not rest solely on the operator. The beneficiary of the drone services can also be held accountable under the law. If a client facilitates an illegal operation to be performed by an unlicensed operator, he or she can be given a fine of $11,000 per violation.

Before hiring a drone operator, ALWAYS request verification of their FAA Part 107 license (they will be able to easily provide it). Doing so protects yourself and your business, and ensures that commercial work is sent to legal operators.

FAA statement: